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  1. Is a wetsuit mandatory?
  2. A wetsuit is mandatory at a water temperature below 15 ° C and prohibited at a water temperature above 22 ° C.

  3. The championship?
  4. The champion chip serves for time registration and control, without which we can not draw up a correct result. The chip itself needs to be attached with the strap around the lower leg just above the ankle.

  5. Swimming training
  6. Those who already want to test in open water to swim, can go to the swimming area of the Lake of Rotselaar. The opening hours can be found on the website of the Rotselaar.
    Plas van Rotselaar
    Note: You can only swim in the swimming area, during the race you will also swim in the surf zone.

  7. Can headphones be used?
  8. During the competition, headphones are prohibited, this is according to the international regulations.
    The referees are indeed pretty strict here.

    Extract sports regulations:

    g) Unauthorized material:

    Non-permitted material includes:
    • Headphones or ears
    • Material in glass or other fragile material
    • Mobile phone or any other electronic communication material
    • Clothing that does not comply with the Sport Regulations
    • Bicycles or bicycle parts that do not comply with the Sport Regulations (including recumbents)